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Mosquito Allergy Vs. Mosquito Bite Infection: How Can You Be Sure?

mosquito bite If you’ve got a spot somewhere on your skin that is itching and hurting, does it matter? Well yes actually it does and here’s why: Infections and allergies need to be treated completely differently for the sake of a healthy recovery. The same is true if the reaction or infection is due to a mosquito bite.

Mosquito Allergies and Reactions

When a mosquito bites you, it injects you with its saliva for the purpose of keeping your blood from clotting. This, of course, is to make the extraction of the meal easier for the pest. This is also the chemical that causes a reaction.

Mosquito bite reactions take on a wide range of severity for people. While some might feel just a slight itch or sting accompanied by a small bump, others can be much more severe. Swelling, bright redness, and bruising can be common in small children due to the sensitive tissue in their arms and legs, however, they are likely to outgrow it.

mosquito bite allergySevere reactions can take a couple of different tracks. Skeeter Syndrome is a term used to describe a severe local reaction. In these cases, you might see swelling in an entire body part. The bite becomes hot and hard to the touch or it could blister and ooze. Treatment of these types of reaction can include elevation, cold compresses, over the counter ointments, and topical or oral antihistamines. More than likely the reaction will appear worse than it is and subside as quickly as it appeared. In rare cases a systemic reaction can occur, similar to those more commonly associated with bee stings. Large blisters or lesions, fever, joint pain, and in the worse scenario, anaphylaxis could be present. It is best if people with known systemic reactions keep an Epi Pen handy and contact their nearest health care provider if they receive a mosquito bite. You can never be too careful.

Mosquito Bite Infections

Unlike an allergic reaction, an infection cannot be caused directly by a mosquito bite. That doesn’t mean a mosquito bite cannot become infected. Remember all those time your Mama told you not to scratch at your bites? Well, this is why. Infection enters your body through a hole or irritated bite.

mosquito bite infectionThe there are 3 main types of skin infection: Impetigo is caused by the staph or strep bacteria and will cause sores around the nose and mouth. This is more common with children. Cellulitis, also commonly caused by staph and strep bacteria will cause an infected area to become red, hot and swollen. Red streaks may form starting at the area as well. Fever, chills and swollen glands are symptoms of this infection. Lymphangitis will enter from a hole in the skin and infect the lymphatic system. These bacteria multiply quickly and find their way to the armpits and groin area where most of your lymph nodes exist. Unlike reactions, infections take the time to form. If you notice a bite getting worse or begin to feel a fever see your doctor immediately. These infections can be treated with antibiotics but must be taken seriously.

Mosquito Bite Prevention

Knowing the difference in what a reaction, compared to an infection, looks and feels like makes the treatment and cure so much simpler. At Mosquito Squad of Louisville, we strive to keep you informed of all things that relate to keeping you protected from mosquitoes and mosquito bites. We also wish to contribute to the actual protection. Our professional, time released, mosquito control treatment will eliminate 85-90% of mosquitoes in your yard. Keeping your yard mosquito free is the best way to keep you OUT of the doctor’s office. Call us today to schedule your first treatment. 502-375-9097

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