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The best way to control mosquitoes in your Louisville yard is with mosquito barrier spray by Mosquito Squad. Our traditional barrier spray treatment is our most popular service. Why? Because it works! Louisville mosquito control used to be limited to spraying yourself or lighting citronella candles/tiki torches with very little effect. With our trained technicians on the job, you can take back your yard for comfortable outdoor living all season long.

Traditional Barrier Spray

Our most popular mosquito control service is applied to your property every 2-3 weeks by our highly trained mosquito spray technicians. The barriers spray will eliminate adult mosquitoes and ticks on contact. With its time-released formula, it will continue to work for 2-3 weeks depending on weather and property conditions. The overall result is an 85-90% reduction in the mosquito population in your yard. If you sign up for the entire season, you may see greater long-term mosquito reduction.

Special Event Mosquito Spray

If you’re planning a special event outdoors, don’t let mosquitoes ruin your occasion. Whether it’s a wedding, birthday party, annual summer barbecue, 4th of July party or another special event, if you’re event is outdoors, mosquitoes could come into play. Call Mosquito Squad to create a pest free environment for your loving guests. Our highly trained technicians will come out and spray the entire area before the event with an odorless barrier spray to keep your entire event mosquito free. Your guests will be able to enjoy the entire day and night without slapping their ankles or being chased indoors. With no residue or odor, the lawn is safe to roll around on for even your littlest guests.

All Natural Mosquito Control

If you have a need for a natural solution to Louisville mosquito control, look no further. Mosquito Squad of Louisville offers all natural mosquito control to lower the population of mosquitoes in your yard. Our all-natural mosquito spray is made up of essential oils and eliminates adult mosquitoes on contact. Our trained technicians will come out and spray your yard every 14 days to repel 70-75% of your property’s mosquito population all season long.

Automatic Misting Systems

Perfect for particularly susceptible properties, Mosquito Squad’s mosquito misting system is a great way to have continuous mosquito control for your property. Mosquito misting systems include a series of inconspicuous nylon tubing and spray nozzles that are placed strategically around your property for maximum effectiveness. We’ll work with you to set your system to spray at optimal times each day for eliminating mosquitoes while not interfering with your outdoor lifestyle. Resulting in the elimination of over 90% of the mosquitoes on your property, you can enjoy your outdoor lifestyle with no buzzing, biting annoying mosquitoes.

Controlling the mosquitoes in your yard is not just about convenience & comfort. Mosquitoes transmit dangerous diseases like Zika, Malaria, West Nile Virus & Chikungunya. Preventing mosquito bites is the number one way to prevent mosquito-borne disease. Don’t forget to follow the 5 T’s of Louisville Mosquito Control to further limit mosquito population growth. Take back your yard today!

If you’re looking for the most effective Louisville mosquito control solution for your home or business, call today for a quote. We stand behind every service with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. 502.315.9097

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