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Louisville Mosquito Misting Provides Constant Mosquito Control

Do you have a particularly marshy or wooded lot in Louisville? Do you own a horse farm? Are you part of an organization with an outdoor recreational area? All of these areas can be especially important areas to provide the best mosquito control. With children and animals spending a great deal of time in these locations, it is more important than ever to have continuous mosquito protection.

Mosquito Squad of Louisville offers a fantastic system for busy recreational areas and specifically challenging landscapes. Our automatic mosquito misting system will provide continuous mosquito control every day, all season long.

Automatic Mosquito Misting System

Louisville mosquito misting systems are customized for you! They consist of a network of stainless steel nozzles and nylon tubing that is easily hidden away in your landscape. The tubes and nozzles are attached to a tank with a pump that holds the best mosquito barrier spray. The attached timer allows us to set a schedule that fits your daily lifestyle while also considering optimal mosquito elimination timing. It will disperse mosquito spray twice a day to create a pest-free area you can enjoy always. You can also manually control the system for an early spray before an event or additional spray after a heavy rain, whatever fits your needs.

Mosquito Squad not only installs your custom automatic mosquito misting system but we also keep them maintained all season long. We’ll come out and refill your tank, adjust nozzles and settings. Whatever your mosquito system needs, we’re here!

Mosquito Squad’s automatic mosquito misting system is particularly perfect for horse barns, stables, and pastures. Keeping you and your horses comfortable and protected during the hot muggy mosquito months by eliminating 90%+ of the mosquitoes in the treated area. If your property presents a challenging mosquito control scenario or you want continuous control for everyday outdoor entertaining, call today (502) 315-9097.

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